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Want Glasses Opticians FAQs.

At what age should a child have its first eye examination?
What is a squint / lazy eye?
What is short-sightedness?
What is long-sightedness?
What is astigmatism?
What is dyslexia?
What if I cannot come to the practice?
What is presbyopia?
What are varifocals?
Why do all glasses look ugly?
Do computers damage the eyes?
Do glasses damage the eyes?
Does sitting too close to the television damage your eyes?
I can see a number plate at the driving test distance, so my eyes are perfect?
I can see, why should I have an eye examination?
I can manage without glasses, so why use them?
I can see near without glasses, why should I wear the glasses?
When should I wear sunglasses?
Can I use my old frames again?
What can I do with unwanted old glasses?
What happens after I have bought glasses?
Can I buy glasses from the Internet?
Can I wear contact lenses?
What is corrective laser surgery?
What is dry eye?
How does diabetes affect the eyes?
What is glaucoma?
What are cataracts?
How is a cataract removed?
What happens after a cataract is removed?
What is macular degeneration?
Do you carry out repairs?
Am I entitled to an NHS eye examination?

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