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Spectacles are not always suitable for all of our customers’ individual tastes and lifestyles. Contact lenses are an ideal alternative, and with a wide range available, you are sure to find a set to fulfil your requirements.

Want Glasses Opticians have a team of qualified specialists who will carry out a thorough assessment on anyone who wishes to wear contacts. We will then advise you whether or not you are suitable and explain what options are available. We also offer customers a range of contact lens after care.

We supply contact lenses that cater for a range of visual impairments included those that are Long Sighted, Short Sighted, Astigmatic as well as those that require Bifocal or Varifocal Prescriptions.

We have a range of eyewear from budget to designer:

The following types of contact lenses are available.

- Daily

- Fortnightly or monthly disposable use

- Weekly or monthly extended wear

They are available in hard, gas permeable or soft materials.

Join our eye care scheme for low cost contact lenses.

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Many frames are half price.

Details available in our practices.

We care about eye care...

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